March 15

How Can I Make Sure An Aquarius Man Stays Committed To Me?


When you’re in a relationship with an Aquarius man, it can be difficult to make sure that he stays committed. I know this firsthand; my partner is an Aquarius and we’ve had our share of rocky moments when it comes to his level of commitment. But through understanding him better and following some key steps, I’m proud to say that we now have a loving and trusting relationship.

Take the case of my friend Julie for example. She was dating an Aquarius man who seemed completely committed at first – until one day, he suddenly disappeared without any explanation. After months of worrying about what she did wrong, she finally got her answer: his wandering eye had gotten the best of him. Despite being heartbroken at the time, Julie eventually learned how to keep an Aquarius man like hers from straying by showing him respect and trust while also making him feel special.

One important thing is to give your Aquarius partner space – don’t smother them! They need their freedom more than anything else so try not to get too possessive over them or they might start feeling suffocated. At the same time though, show them love and affection whenever possible as these are essential ingredients for having strong relationships with an Aquarius man (or anyone really). Be genuine in expressing your feelings towards them but don’t be afraid to let go once in a while either – it’s all part of finding balance in your relationship with an Aquarius man which will help ensure mutual commitment between both parties involved.


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