March 3

How Can I Tell If A Libra Man Is Genuinely Interested?


When it comes to Libra men, understanding their feelings can be a real challenge. Figuring out whether they are genuinely interested in you or not is often an even bigger puzzle. One of the best ways to tell if a Libra man likes you is by observing his behavior around you and how he talks about other people.

If your Libra guy seems happy when he’s with you, pays attention to what you say, and makes effort to get closer to you, then chances are he does like you. He may show signs of possessiveness or jealousy if someone else shows interest in you as well, which could mean that he sees himself as being more than just friends with you. Additionally, pay attention to how he talks about other people – if he speaks kindly and affectionately of them but still maintains distance from them emotionally, this could be an indication that he has genuine feelings for only one person: You!

On the flip side, if all the interactions between him and yourself feel forced or contrived; if there’s no eye contact when speaking; or if conversations tend to fall flat after a few exchanges – these could all be signals that your Libra man isn’t actually into you. In any case, take time to observe his behavior before jumping to conclusions. While it might seem difficult at first glance, learning how to read the subtle signs of attraction can help put your mind at ease about where things stand between both of you.


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