March 1

Is It Possible To Repair A Relationship With A Leo Man After Hurting Him?


I’ve been in a relationship with a Leo man, and I know firsthand how difficult it can be when one of you hurts the other. It’s tough to tell if they’re still hurt, but some signs can reveal their inner emotions. But more importantly, is it possible to repair the relationship after hurting them?

In truth, repairing any relationship takes two people willing to put in the work. A Leo man will take longer than most to get over being hurt; he needs time for his feelings to heal before he lets anyone back into his life again. If you want to fix your relationship with him, honesty is vital. Let him know exactly why you did what you did and express genuine remorse for your actions. That way, he doesn’t have to guess whether you mean what you say.

It takes patience and understanding from both parties involved to move forward together. Showing him that you care about him and have faith in your future together will go a long way toward healing whatever rift between you. Make sure to listen carefully when he talks and don’t shut down during an argument – try to come up with solutions as calmly as possible so that neither party gets too overwhelmed by their emotions. With enough effort on both sides, it’s entirely possible to mend any broken bridges between yourself and a Leo man!


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