March 3

What Are The Benefits Of Allowing A Virgo Man To Pull Away?


I’m sure many of us have experienced the feeling when a Virgo man starts to pull away, and we don’t know if it’s a phase or something more. It can be such an unsettling experience! But though it may initially seem like a negative thing, there are some benefits to allowing your Virgo man to take his time apart from you.

Firstly, giving him space allows him to truly process whatever is going on in his life right now. A Virgo man hates losing control and often responds by retreating into himself, which could lead to resentment if he feels pressured to talk about what’s wrong. Letting him take this time for reflection allows him to sort through his feelings without having any pressure placed upon him. Additionally, taking some distance also provides them with clarity so they can make decisions that are better for their future selves.

Secondly, giving your Virgo man the chance to step back means that when he does decide to come back around again, it will be because he wants to – not because someone else made him do it. This makes the relationship even stronger and healthier as it shows mutual respect between both partners; plus, it prevents any potential resentments from building up over time due to one-sided expectations being put in place.

In short, then, allowing yourself (and your partner) some room for personal growth can be incredibly beneficial for everyone involved. Not only does it provide valuable insight into who each person is at their core but also helps create strong foundations for lasting relationships built on trust and understanding.


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