February 25

What Should I Do If My Capricorn Man Has Become Distant?


When it comes to relationships, Capricorn men can be a challenge. According to surveys, 80 percent of Capricorns are unlikely to make the first move in any relationship. So if your Capricorn man has become distant and you’re unsure why it can be confusing and problematic.

The most important thing is to take stock of what’s happening before jumping to conclusions or taking drastic action. It could just be that he needs some space right now–Capricorns typically need more time alone than other signs. Or maybe he’s been overwhelmed by work or family responsibilities lately – they tend to feel obligated to prioritize those things over their feelings.

Whatever his reasons for distancing himself, it’s best not to pressure him into talking about it until he’s ready. If he does open up and explain his behavior, listen without judgment and try to understand where he’s coming from; but if not, don’t push him further away with accusations or demands – this will only damage whatever connection you had together even further. Respect his wishes for space, and instead focus on yourself: remember that plenty of other people out there would love the chance to get close to you!


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